Event Content: iPhone-specific [Digital Audio-Video Adapter] additional purchase event
period: August 10th ~ October 22nd Time : 11:00~21:30

Location: Counter 221, 2nd Floor, No. 510 Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City ( Taichung Caowu Road NOVA) 

Activity method: Bring the coupon to the store to enjoy the member's additional purchase price of $NTD 899. Super value purchase, be quick to buy °  

Great value for money

There are three experience areas on site,
The iPhone 15 is about to debut, what to do with the old iPhone in your hand, don’t sell it, let alone throw it away.
With MEATBALL3C's iPhone [digital audio video adapter with USB storage] and[dedicated]stainless steel (SU301 material) stand,

You can immediately turn your iPhone into a set-top box without spending any extra money, and watch TV shows on YT, IG, etc.

As long as you add an Xbox controller, you can easily play mobile games with your iPhone without having to buy a console.

Little bourgeoisie’s secrets of saving money.
Just insert an SD card, USB flash drive, or external digital camera, and you can immediately use your iPhone to read, backup, and share. It’s super convenient. Be sure to try it.

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