Warranty Statement

Only to Meatball3c original factory products.

Meatball3c's products undergo strict quality control and meticulous product testing, and have passed BSMI/NCC regulations and safety certifications to ensure the safety and good experience of each consumer. To protect both parties' rights, please apply for membership and assist in registering and binding the product warranty after purchase.

  1. This company's warranty contract does not apply to users who resell or do not have a product warranty ID, and only accepts maintenance services for the holder of the product warranty ID.
  2. The company's warranty agreement does not include services for overseas users for product repair transportation, which will require additional quotes.

  3. The warranty of our company does not apply to electronic products that have been modified or DIYed, and only original factory design of Meatball3c products is accepted.

  4. The company's product warranty is limited only to the product warranty itself, and the shipment or installation of accessories will be quoted or declined as the situation requires.

  5. The consumer must be responsible for software updates or other software programs, data and information. This warranty does not cover the recovery and reinstallation of other software programs, data and information.

  6. Meatball3c reserves the right to change the mode of providing warranty service, as well as technical specifications, user manuals, and maintenance regulations.

Warranty Period

  1. If you did not register as a member after purchase, please go to the official website to apply for membership and complete the registration and binding of the product warranty, which will increase the warranty to 18 months, including an additional 6 months of warranty.

  2. All of our products are electronic warranty certificates. In case of repair during the warranty period, please present the product warranty ID.

  3. The service fees for product repairs after inspection will be quoted based on the extent of the repairs.

  4. Please provide photos of the product's usage environment and email them to our customer service email box in order to assist with initial cause determination in the event of product defects.

  5. The company is willing to provide a new product to be mailed to the user's location if the product defect is confirmed by the quality control staff. However, the mailing location is limited to Taiwan.

Warranty Expired

◎ The company is willing to provide technical support with sincerity if the product malfunctions and there are still parts available in the company's inventory.

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