Apple AV Adapter with USB Storage

Digital Audio and Video Adapter


The sense of accomplishment and joy

We spent almost two months,
Improve and optimize the product development process.
From schematic drawing to placement and layout ,
Add insulation coating to the wire cable ,Persistence in re-opening the mold,Finally, refine the ultimate finished product.

Designed in Taiwan

•  Only designing it by ourselves, we can achieve the perfect performance of PCB and PCBA quality.
•  Taiwanese EE and LAYOUT engineers in-house design can showcase the most powerful and stable hardware.

The result of the hard work

•  3D presentation of exploded view and layout conversion for mechanism.
•  The LAYOUT four-layer board insists on placing components on one side and test points on the other.
•  Emphasizing anti-coupling and anti-interference design.

High-fidelity image, great quality!

•  Ensuring the product can significantly reduce EMI (electromagnetic interference).
•  High-fidelity signal representation.
•  Four-layer circuit board design provides stable and reliable Wi-Fi/5G signals.
•  Supports 60Hz 1920x1080P resolution with stable audio and video output.

The JC07-AAAUS is placed on the table of 10 m Chamber testing environment.

•  Resolve the issue of market-sold products that have not been laboratory safety certified.
•  Meatball3c insists that each product must pass the certification program, BSMI and NCC in Taiwan and FCC in USA, etc.

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